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Focus, positivity, activation, meaningfulness

With enthusiasm, focus, drive and boldness Celia provides leaders and individuals with the support they need to tap into a world full of possibilities, to connect with their powerful true self and to have a clear direction. Her top strength is Zest which means she approaches life with excitement, enthusiasm and energy, and she cannot wait to get each day started. She fully participates in life and do not view it from the sidelines. Besides, she is catalyst who get things started. Celia naturally sees how to turn ideas into action and as a result, she makes things happen.

Being always on the lookout for the upside of the situation she also can learn quickly. Focused she can keep a group, team, and organization on the cutting edge. She enhances the speed and quality of people’s development and helps clients to stay on the main road.

Her main goal is to add great positive value to any interaction by sparking high level of energy and activation.

Celia Sikorski has traveled worldwide and has continually gained new prisms while learning a lot from a world full of possibilities and from fascinating people and cultures. She is a knowledge seeker and powerful contributor.

After working abroad for over 16 years she has gathered world-class experience in leadership, developmental and transformational coaching, and global business development and marketing. Also she has developed an enriching multifaceted network.

How Celia Sikorski can add value to you and your company:

• Customised Programmes in Organizational Development
• Executive, Team, Business and Management Coaching
• Corporate Culture Change & Transformation
• Communication Development & Enhancement
• Executive Team Cohesion Development
• Leadership programs
• Employee Engagement
• Global Talent Management
• Positive Psychology
• Mentoring Development Programmes,
• Employee Motivation
• Strengths Development
• Mergers & Acquisitions Culture Transformation & Integration
• Change processes

Celia Sikorski has successfully worked worldwide with entrepreneurs, leaders and teams in global organizations, including companies on the Fortune 500 list.




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Developmental and transformational coaching, mentoring for growth and empowerment